Dental Assistant

Dental Health Tips

Gum Disease

What Are Early Signs Of Gum Disease?

Tissue that is pink, tissue that's firm, and tissue that doesn't bleed kind of constitutes what healthy gums look like. What we see here...
Electric Toothbrush

Benefits Of An Electric Toothbrush

Are you interested in knowing the benefits of an electric toothbrush?  Basically, electric toothbrush is a great form of brushing your teeth. You would of...
Whitening Toothpaste

Various Facts On Whitening Toothpaste

It’s very important to understand that most whitening toothpastes are typically misrepresented in what they do. What I mean by that is, most of...
Making Patients Comfortable

Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Making Patients Feel Comfortable

There's a lot of different options that you can do, brushing your teeth every once in a while with hydrogen peroxide. Basically you want...
Cavity Filling Procedure

Dental Health – Cavity Filling Procedure

The way we treat a cavity is with what we call a filling and in order to do that we basically have to go...
Abscessed Toothvideo

How To Pop An Abscessed Tooth?

Oftentimes, we're asked whether or not a patient should pop an abscess, should they feel it when occurs. While you can pop an abscess...

Dental Coverage

Dental Insurance Covering Implants and Massaging The Gums

Massaging Gums
Basically there's a couple different ways. First of all you would want to call your insurance company. You can either go online, either which...

Making The Most Of Dental Coverage

Getting Dental Coverage
At Delta Dental, we understand that you need to make the most efficient use of every dollar you spend and the fact of the...

All About Getting Dental Insurance

Getting Dental Insurance
Healthy teeth and gums are crucial, but dental work is expensive and often excluded from company medical plans. Find out which option for dental...

Need Of Medicaid Insurance and Dental Implants

Dental Implantsvideo
Is it Medical or Medicare? Medicare is the social service of state of California that pays for some very basic dental services; maybe Medical in...

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